Can I 7* C3PO w/ this lineup? I'd like to get back to gearing Revan and focusing on other farms ASAP


Speed: Chirpa: 192 Paploo: 137 Elder: 205 Scout: 227 Wicket: 240


  • Gear level seems fine. I used Teebo instead of the scout, cause his dispel helps deal with the tank so you can focus on Chewbacca. However your speed mods could be re-allocated for better effect. Fastest to slowest I recommend: Ultra Fast Paploo > EE > Wicket > Teebo/Scout > Chirpa. Ultra fast Paploo will call EE assist to start TM train and be able to dispel with his basic often. EE is next fastest to run the TM train, Wicket calling EE assist next.
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