Why another starwars?

Why did they have to make another starwars? The whole first six movies was all about Anakin and about the politics of the empire. The new one didn't even appeal to me or the fact JJ Abrams did it they should have given it to somebody else to do it. Take in point Fringe.That series went down the tubes fast.Thats why I say when you made amasterpeice such as starwars make sure the next movies will be able to stand up with the first six movies.


  • Episode 7 is better than the prequels though...
  • I think TFA was a perfect mix of the old and the new though. And I really liked the prequel, despite the amount of flaws in various aspects of the films.
  • All the star wars films are awesome end of
  • Why did they make the 3 prequels? Why did they make the original 3 why does anyone do anything.
    Stop whining. You know you're a total fanboy
  • Well you can always just stick to the 6 movies and be happy with that.

    Let the ones who wish more, to have the chance to have it.
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    Why NOT?!?!?

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  • Well quick answer George Lucas envisioned 9 chapters. Short answer it makes money and I still feel like a kid when I watch all 7.
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    USAmazing wrote: »
    Why NOT?!?!?


    My thoughts exactly.

    I can't imagine Star Wars without Rey and Kylo now. If those characters didn't draw you in, I don't know what to say.
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