Revan Winner's Circle - Congratulatory/Thank You/ Farming Status Thread

I just wanted to make a thread highlighting the Jedi Knight Revan "Legend of the Old Republic" Ancient Journey event.

I'd like to dedicate this thread to the ones who made it and also the ones who defeated it and were able to unlock such an awesome and iconic character! :smiley: Revan has gotta be and is one of my and a lot of others most favorite toons in the entire Star Wars universe. Hats off to EA and CG who heard the wishes of the SWGoH community and made this event for such a great character. Not only was the event fun but getting to have a character like Revan not only completely made my day but also made my whole swgoh experience a lot more fun. I'm still excited about getting him! :joy:

So thank you EA and CG for this event! I really liked the story telling aspect of it. Thanks as well for all your hard work. :)

And I wanna wish a 'Congratulations' to all of us who were able to get him! It was definitely worth it. :blush:

And feel free to post your Revan pics down below about the event and current farming status! :smiley: Here... I'll start it off. ;)







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