Anarchy Ally codes

Hi there younglings...

The benevolent council of elders here at team anarchy, have decided to teach you the ways of the force. The future is in your hands, use these codes wisely.

We are a high level guild with focused players and deep rostas, if you need a specific ally message us and we will change the leader for that mission ASAP. We have mutiple players with all gear 12 fully zeta'd legendary toons.

may the force be with you...


  • 153 795 538
  • thats me my frienx will post theirs shortly
  • I can vouch for @Objakenodi

    They have been nothing but pleasant and helpful to me, a new player myself, since I sent an Ally Request a few days ago.

    Cheers, Anarchy!
  • 145-591-677
  • There’s mine ally code Padawans.
  • 829-719-958
    Request us as an ally. You can then look at our roster, and message us which toon you want for an ally toon.
    Participation trophy? No. You want something: earn it.
  • If you try and add us and get turned down it means we have filled all available ally slots.
    We will periodically clear out players who reach level 85 and have clearly completed all levels that require allies.
    Some of us are willing to offer advice through direct chat, some are only there as allies. Direct message us in game with questions, if you dont get an answer, don't be offended.
  • 827-482-533
  • 592-674-532
    Feel free to request who u need :)
  • 346-595-452

    Here for anyone that needs helping hand
  • OK my ally code (the first one) is currently full. I will have a clear out withi. the next day or so as a couple of people only need to finish Stage 9 hard levels. If you have sent a request but I have not added you, hold tight, You are in an ever growing list lol.
  • I still have space open. Scroll up to find my ally code
    Participation trophy? No. You want something: earn it.
  • Hi guys and girls. I just wanted to apologise for all the invites I have ignored. I am letting people reach level 85 then will remove them and add new people.
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