Nightsister revives vs Revan lead

This is an anomaly I noticed while reading up on old Daka's abilities. I have been running nightsisters against Revan leads, and I noticed that when nightsister zombie is reviving after being defeated, she is not gaining 20% tm as described in old daka's "serve again" ability. Does anyone know why this is? Is it a glitch?e687bi5eqqt8.jpg


  • * The bottom picture is zombie revived after another NS unit died. So she gained 50% tm as described in her unique.
    * But in the middle picture, zombie was killed directly, but did not gain the 20% tm from old daka's unique?
  • crzydroid
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    So Zombie's revive is tagged as nightsisterzombie_revive or something like that; I think this was maybe having to do with her unique mechanics and being uneffected by revive immunity. Daka's ability is just looking for revive, so it doesn't work.

    It's hard to sift through the mechanics for Undying Sacrifice, but it looks like that may be marked as a normal revive, so she gets Daka's bonuses. But it also makes me wonder if you deathmarked zombie, then marked another NS or used AoE to kill one, if zombie would fail to revive from undying sacrifice.

    Go ahead and post this on Answers HQ; not sure that not getting Daka's effects on her normal revive is WAI. I also noticed that your Talzin did not get defense and offense up from Daka either in the bottom picture.
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