Defense of Darthomir ONE DAY event?

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Hi Moderators.

I see, you put defense of darthomir event from usual 2 days to 1 day started in FEB19 as per your calendar. I want to ask if this change will be applied going forward for all future events. If yes, how will you compensate our loss of 24 to 48 zeta materials per year please? I am pretty sure every player won't be happy with this.
I will be honest. I had a break with the game for a year. Now I pay for this game every single month around 300€. I can buy shards, gears, energy, but zeta materials not.
If you'd like to have all heroic events the same put endor escalation to 2 days.
I hope FEB19 event will be exception, and this kind of behaviour without any single word or compensation won't happen in the future months, otherwise I will use my money elsewhere, since I won't be able to challenge the best players anyway.
I appreciate your great work within all aspects of the game, but now, when you develope so fast, you need to offer more, so players are and will be able to maximize all relevant toons asap, not less!!!


  • Sometimes it's two days, sometimes it's one. It has always been inconsistent.

  • Sometimes it's two days, sometimes it's one. It has always been inconsistent.

    This is NOT TRUE, since I checked calendar one year back and event lasts always 2 days!
  • It is true. January and February of 2018 it ran for one day according to the official calendar on the forum.
  • Bro we hear you
    They do not
    Best case youll only get some beta testers and test account guys in here counter signalling your every word
    You gotta understand commerce is their only goal here
    "and i will show you ... where the iron crosses grow..."
  • I too was very surprised and disappointed this was only one day, hugely bummed
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