Bariss and Bobba bug

So they nerfed Bariss, didn't agree with it Bariss was already mostly useless, one trick pony was healing and they killed her being able to do that as well. Read the patch notes and her heal shouldn't work with immunity and I was fighting someone who had her and her equalization still healed through immunity, so did they just nerf her healing power?

Was in an arena battle and my Bobba came back to life 3x, idk if this is intentional but before it was only once per fight that it could happen.


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    Equalization isn't a heal. It's the total health of the team combined and redistributed evenly (percentage wise). After that she heals 10% of each characters max hp (down from original 25%). The nerf isn't the equalization but the 10% heal which doesnt work on those with heal immune. So it's the only character usefull against heal immunity since it's supposed to work this way. Still i find her lack of dmg disturbing.

    Would be nice if it got confirmed tho.

    About boba, I also had to kill him 3x earlier today which seemed weird..
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    Immunity heal isnt working on Bariss or on other characters that she is healing. Its verry annoying and frustrating. I was hopping thay would solve this bug.
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    @skars If you read the last post before your own maybe that answers why there is no fix and why there will not be a fix..
    439-259-888 I have a bad habit of editing my typo's after posting
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