Give us an option to ban specific GP players from entering our guild

Before you go on the bandwagon and say ''just go with invite only''

We tried that,nobody came,because the default of the game is invite only OFF and many players don't bother looking at that .

With open guild ,yes ,there are 10-20 annoying persons that want to join per day that don't speak,don't have the active level , don't have the required GP, don't have the required legendary characters,don't speak the local language and still join .

These players get instantly kicked out as soon as possible,but they are very annoying.

However,in those 20-30 players,there is a chance that an actually good player that wants to talk,has the required level and will join discord is there. And he wouldn't have seen our guild if we had done invites only.

In the past 6 months we had 5 players join by the ingame system ,but over 400+ join and leave .

It is annoying since you just end up kicking them,they usually don't have the required level , are very low and shouldn't be in a mid-high tier guild. Or just underage account,then it's worse,you can't communicate.

Why isn't there a minimum requirements select for the guild?I'd like atleast to ban the low levels from joining and making a selection out of the high level ones.

These kind of players just look for the highest GP guilds they can find and just join them thinking they can leech.

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