Removal of 4 dot mods from the mod store


I understand that for newer players, they are not supposed to get access to 5 dot mods immediately. However, they are not likely to be able to afford to buy mods from the mod store anyway.

With the excellent mod overhaul, a lot more mods are worth investment in and I have reached the point where I am looking at the mod store more, as I have the creds for it. However, because of the mod overhaul the uselessness of 4 dot mods is even more pronounced.

Basically, I'm scared i'll accidentally buy a mod that looks great without realising its a 4 pip one not a 5 pip one!

If the four pips are not part of the Devs plan for mods, please could it be considered that they be removed from the mod store.

Kind Regards,
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