"All this moisture is corroding my servomotors": A few known issues with B1 Battle Droid

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We’re aware of a few issues that may be causing a little confusion with the new B1 Battle Droid and its Mechanized Menace marquee event.

First, there are two out-of-date strategy tips in the Marquee event that were not updated prior to the release:
  • In Tier I, the strategy tip currently reads: “...When B1s are destroyed, Separatist allies gain Turn Meter.” This effect wasn’t implemented and the text was removed in later versions of the text, but we missed updating this in the current build.
  • Next, in Tier IV, the strategy tip for the Roger Roger ability reads: “Whenever another Separatist ally attacks an enemy with their Basic ability, the B1s assist with reduced damage.” This should read: “When another Separatist uses an ability during their turn, B1 assists dealing 70% less damage (limit once per turn)” per the B1’s kit ability description.

Since this is only a two-day event, we’re not planning to update these strings. Sorry for the confusion!

Additionally, we’re aware that B1 is currently able to pick up protection from R2. Thematically, B1s are humorously fragile; one blaster bolt is enough to destroy them. Our intent in giving them only 1 health means that every attack causes a new set of B1s to step up and replace those that have fallen. Allowing any Max Health or Max Protection increases contradicts the thematic intent of B1 being fragile and easily defeated.

There’s currently an effect where B1 picks up Max Protection from R2, however this has no practical impact on gameplay, as B1 loses stacks whenever it takes any damage - not just damage that would defeat it. Since gaining Max Protection here has no practical gameplay impact and is visually confusing - we will continue monitoring community feedback, but plan to update B1 to be immune to Max Protection and Max Health increases and Protection Up buffs to maintain the thematic identity of only having 1 Health in a future update.

Otherwise, we hope you’re enjoying the new B1 Battle Droid and Mechanized Menace event!
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