Ship Challenges

So when you have like 1000 plus posts about the ship challenges being not properly tiered for the recommended level and then you don't do anything to correct the balance of the game. What happens to your player base? They leave.

Just some food for thought there Devs.

If you open a challenge and give a recommended level and ship count that should suffice to beat the challenge, but it's not and every old player on here just accepts that as ok or difficult to beat. When in reality it's just unacceptable and unconscionable conduct by the developers to balance the game. If I pay money to play the game or for content I have certain expectations that the game lives up to one of which is balance. If you buff certain ships it makes the challenges then impossible to beat without getting to the tier 3 ship mats which you can't get to if you can't beat the 5* Grand Moff Challenge. This has been discussed for almost a year now and your inability to correct the issue is unacceptable.
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