Squad Builder Spreadsheet

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The SWGoH Squad Builder spreadsheet is a community powered tool to help analyze and develop your roster.

Key Features:
-View real time player stats
-Download your own, or multiple guilds, player statistics using either SWGoH.gg, SWGoH.help or both APIs.
-Compare your squad to your opponent’s in arena, GAC and TW
-Monitor your entire guild’s progress for any squad

Save battle history
Save your battle results and character stastics at the time from any mode of the game and revisit them later to track your progress

How is this sheet “community” powered?
Every users spreadsheet is populated by the data of a single “community“ spreadsheet. As each user saves their squads, and battles to the community sheet, it automatically populates to every other users sheet. So if you have “share battle history“ turned on, as soon as you save a battle, everyone can see it in their own sheet.

SWGoH Squad Builder Spreadsheet (Regular Release)

SWGoH Squad Builder Spreadsheet (BETA) more features...

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