Kit Reveal: Droideka



  • @CG_SBCrumb are Droideka’s entire attacks unable to crit or is it only the True Damage part that can’t get critical damage? I’ve seen several modding guides say to put no crit chance or crit damage on it because Droideka can’t land crits but the way the kit text reads implies that’s only for the True Damage component.

    I read it the same way you did. I believe they did it this way so he couldn’t land multiple crits and get infinite turn meter under an HK lead. But the first hit should crit.
  • Shouldn't Droideka also be immune from DOTs when it has Damage Immunity up? Shouldn't be taking Damage Over Time effects while it is immune to damage.
  • Gorem
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    You know, I really wish they didn't double the price for the droideka Marque pack, I would have totally bought it at half price as the droid itself is half decent. Didn't buy the b1 pack either, at least Drodeka shows some potential to be good.
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