Nightsister Leader?

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Hi folks.
In an all Nightsister team is there a concencus on who should be leader?
I've been using Ventress for the speed but just got Daka (young account, just turned level 50).
Is Daka a better leader? Or even possibly Talia for dodge?


  • Asajj is already too slow as a leader, with Daka or Talia .... :(

    In short, use Asajj.
  • ahsoka tano
  • I'd say ventress, I gets daka to almost 160 I believe. I'm just starting to build a nightsister team so I can't really say
  • Ventress is the best Nightsister leader. Daka's lead is useless and Talia's is okay at best (hers is one of the worst evasion up leads).
    In comparison to Talia's dodge, you will likely prevent more damage by being able to move faster and sooner to be able to kill/stun high damage enemies, rather than relying on RNG to save you (you'll probably just end up dodging Poggle and getting killed by GS - thanks, RNG).
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    Ventress is the best for now. I sometimes use Talia as a GW leader too to mix it up.

    If data mining ends up being accurate, then Luce might become a good alternative. And she might work out leading non Nightsisters too. Her leadership will allegedly give offense up for 2 turns to ALL allies on an enemy kill.
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    CG needs to add Talzin into the game. She is supposed to be the strongest NS and one of the best non-force sensitive character.
  • Ventress. She is slow but she offers speed bonus as a leader. Daka only if you want the defense bonus, but speed is the better bonus in tha let team.
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  • I have all night sisters and Ahsoka. I will start working on them next week when I finish a few things and pick up Yoda.

    Should I forget about Acolyte and run with Ahsoka as leader? Or is it better to run all 5 night sisters?
  • Gwonk
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    Thanks for the opinions folks. On a related note, does the Nightsister archer become useful at higher levels? She is definately the weak link of the team currently. Not that I'm planning on replacing her, just curious.
  • Welcome to the forum.

    I run a Nightsister squad in GW with a ventress lead, her speed boost seems the best choice for me.
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