Modern tier 6 speeds for Chex Mix


I've seen some posts on this, but I understand when Chewie was released Traya's speed was updated?

Could any kind souls advise me what speed ranges:

Commander Luke
Han Solo
Death Trooper

Should be at, assuming that I do not have CLS's leader zeta which If i'm not mistaken could accidentally change the speeds?

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  • Waqui
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    DT : Traya's speed minus 1
    Zolo : DT's speed minus 1

    All others: Faster than Traya.

    If Zolo is slightly faster than Traya, you can compensate by using his special first which will grant him high bonus TM and then maybe go right after DT next time.

    I never heard of an adjustment of Traya's speed on tier 6, but previously it was somewhere in the 135 to 140 range. You can experiment with your team modded to diffetent speeds in that range to find her exact speed.
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    Search for the HSTR Project server on discord. They have information on Chex Mix, including timing sequences that work for T6.
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    I found using hans shoot first on Traya instead of a sabre got me a good enough score for T6, follow the rest as normal.

    Ymmv and the HSTR project has speeds and sequence that will work better.
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