Imperial Chimaera Event

I haven't put much into the Rebel ships. Wondering if my current fleet would be good enough to 5* the Chimaera:

Home One: 5* lvl 83
Ackbar: 5* (can promote to 7* if needed) G6

Ghost: 6* lvl 85
All pilots 7* G8 or higher

Phantom II:5* lvl 65
Ezra: 7* G10
Chop: 7* G9
Sabine: 3* lvl 50 G6

Biggs X-Wing: 7* lvl 85
Biggs: 7* G8

Wedge X-Wing: 5* (can promote to 6* if needed) lvl 50
Wedge:4* lvl 1 G1 (I've put no work into him other than unlocking him)

Thanks in advance for any advice


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