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I'd like to suggest possible changes to the way territory war matchups are made. Such as: matchups by each person's top 30-40 characters, or by counting level 85s and g10 characters or better in the calculation only.

This may help the problem with some matchups is a guild who a few members have geared and leveled their entire rosters to 50 (yes not smart, but still) and some guilds of only members who have very focused rosters. This creates the gp imbalance which pairs guilds of the same GP where one is severely outmatched.

Counting characters which are leveled and geared to a point where they would actually be useful would make for fairer matchups between power and casual guilds.

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  • I can see why you think this is a good idea, but it would be no better than the current system. There would be constant arguments over where the cutoff should be, and how it should change across different gp guilds. Therefore this current system is good because it is undisputable and simple
  • Yes that'd be better because my guild has maybe 1 gear 12 team per person except for a couple of us who have been playing longer, and we always go against walls of gear 12 teams..... Its just unfair, free win for the other guild though, doubt they will complain.
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    I believe that it should come to guild leaders guiding, or instructing its members to not inflate their rosters, stay focused on building teams/factions for a better defense or offense. The match ups may be 1 sided (weve all run into it) but shouldn't that be incentive to be more diligent?or motivating your members? Inflating your roster does no good, and if a player makes that mistake....well suffer the consequences then.
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