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So just cleared my first GW and i am pretty happy, also i just hit rank 56 at the arena which is my highest so far, but i want to improve my team.So there it is: i am lvl 46 btw
Leader- Sid 4*
Lumi 4*
Maul 4*
Ima Gun Di 4*
Chewy/Talia 4*
all of them Gear lvl 6 which is max for my lvl. I have also
Anakin 4*,Luke 3*, Capitan Phasma 3*, Ahsoka 3*, Asajj 3*, JC 2*(think to get him higher), Leia 2*
so any advice how to improve my squad and go further ?My priority atm is to max Lumi and Sid and perhaps i should get Boba or Old Daca from cantina, cuz i rly like Ahsoka but with these changes she is pretty much useless against DS teams. I have good impression of Phasma but i am focused on Lumi there so i want to know which one is better, cuz i have the feeling that with the toons i got Lumi is the better choice.


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    Lumi is very important. Her special can hit really hard and has nice decent healing too.
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    Ye she is but Phasma is pretty good too so i was little confused who should i focus on
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    Lumi is well worth it, Phasma looks amazing but it's still too early to tell if she will stick at end game or is just a niche to a strategy.
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    I just beat Phasma twice in PVP. She's way too easy to kill. And she probably won't even attack first time because she'll use that buff ability. I'd say she probably only works well in a full first order team.
    My name is cosmicturtle333, aka CT-333, aka Threes.
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    Got it. Thanks guys
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