My turn for am I ready

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I plan to remod paploo for just over 200 speed.
As always, any help and advice is much appreciated.


  • Krjstoff
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    There's a good chance. Try to get Logray to G11 aswell.
  • More spped on all and you should take Elder to G11-12, Logray to min. G10. You should be able to get 7* C3.
  • Waqui
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    Since you intend to use good mods, g11 is not needed. Only take elder/Logray to g11 if you have a use for it outside of this event.
  • My EE will be G11 by the time the event starts and zChirpa could be g12
    Hoping I'll be good even though Wicket won't be ready 21/100 at the mo
  • Based on this, think i’ll be ready, I expect all my Ewoks will be 7* g11 and all 200+ speed based off my available mods. Zeta Chirpa and Wicket with one up my sleeve for paploo if required. Elder and Logray to finish the squad.

    Not often I check requirements, but missing a legendary toon again is annoying.

    Good luck to all on their farming and to you @cgb046
  • Cgb046
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    Thank you very much everyone! Still working on gear, and have a zeta ready for wicket if needed. Appreciate the advice, and good luck to you all too.
  • Cgb046
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    Got him after remodding paploo and wicket. Thanks everyone.
  • ****...I have tried 250 luck
    Z Chirpa
    Z wicket

    All gear 12...all with 6 tier mods. All omegas. All 7*. All speed over 220

    I know logray and palpoo would be nice to have . But really people are getting 7* 3po with gear 8 teams.
  • Cgb046
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    The tricks that worked for me were to get rid of the taunt asap, focus chewie, but keep han and r2 turn meter under control where possible. Also, call elder with every possible assist, especially from wicket.
  • Finally did it . 500 times it took
  • Cgb046
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    @SITH9000 nice dedication! Congrats on having it pay off!
  • Thank you! It was a grueling task. But I'm happy to have it.
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