How to mod CLS??

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Talking about arena, raids are my favourite part of the game but need to advanced in arena. And no I don't have Revan or Traya - don't do HSTR and have other toons other than Revan I wanna farm. Sooo how do I mod the Luke, Han, Chewie, R2 and C3 (assuming I get him this week) as my mods are a mess (mainly R2) - Is this ideal?

Luke (Guarded): Speed + Potency Set with Offence/Speed secondaries and primaries (where they fit)
Han: CD and Potency with same primaries and secondaries.
Chewie: Same as Han but CC for Potency set.
R2: CC triangle with protection cross (speed secondaries) but what are good modsets???!!?
C3P0: Speed and Potency with health primaries (to avoid guard) then potency/speed secondaries from then.

I plan on trying to push top 50 with this, all G12 bar C3 which won't be 7* till next event (3 months).

Thanks in advanced!
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    CLS best speed mods you have. This is most important thing against Revans as it makes your CLS go before them. R2D2 second best speed mods you have. Han and Chewie as much offense (+Crit dmg) as possible. C3PO doesnt matter but speed and potency are fine.
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    CLS = Speed AF. No potencies.
    >:) So what? I want Krell!
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    Some notes about speed and turn order. Ideal speed order is CLS > Han > R2 > Chewie > 3PO. The reason Han faster than R2 is because this way Han can use Deadeye before R2 use Smoke Screen and either his basic or Show me the Odds without lose stealth; 3PO last to allow the rest of the team to gain at least one stack of Translation and so be called to assist with Oh My Goodness!. Try to get 20-30 speed difference between each other, this to avoid 2 or more characters to gain 100% TM due to TM gain (in which case it's random who takes the turn first). Mods priority:

    *CLS: Speed > Offense/Potency (the fastest character
    *Han: CD (set and triangle) > Speed > CC
    *R2: Health/Tenacity > Speed (3 Health sets works)
    *Chewbacca: Offense > CD (triangle at least)
    *3PO: Potency > Health/Protection (enough to grant CLS the guard buff from Chewie)
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