Why were i kicked oute from grand arena!!

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I joined Grand Arena, placed my defence down and now when i klick on the event it says no grand arenas are open. **** IS GOING ON. I had a guaranted 1st place with my revan at below 1m league.....

My ID is: 836-814-784

Why were i kicked oute from grand arena!! 1 vote

What is pool options?
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I want my 3 zetas!!!
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Arena buggggggg
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    Option 4. You didn’t read the message about it.
  • Pyrefly
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    There's a stickied post about this.
    CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We experienced some issues with the sign up period for the March 3rd Grand Arena overlapping with the Review period of the previous Grand Arena, detailed here. We will be rescheduling this event to start 3/5 and allow players the full time to join from 3/5/19 - 3/6/19 (Starting at 2:00pm Pacific/20:00 UTC).

    Please note that the Grand Arena starting later today will be canceled with an update shortly and you do not need to set defenses. In order to accommodate this change, the Review period for this event will be 16 hours long instead of the usual 24 hours.

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