Omegas versus Chirpa Zeta

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Alright here’s my current line-up: (all toons 7* & Level-85 unless specified)

Elder - g10 (5/6) has all his Omegas
Papaloo -6* g9 (5/6) only has Diversion Omega’d
Chirpa -6* g9 (5/6) only has Ancestral Secrets Omega’d
Wicket -6* g9 (4/6) only has Forest Ambush Omega’d
Logray -6* g9 (3/6) only has Hypnotize Omega’d
Teebo - g7 (5/6) no Omegas
Scout - g7 (5/6) no Omegas

As for ability resources, I’m sitting on 18 Zetas / 10 Omegas / 22 Mk 3’s

I am obviously shooting for T6 of the 3-P0 event. Now, I can Zeta Chirpa’s lead OR Omega some basics... which do you think I should do?

I was planning on getting the zeta, but without an Omega on their basics, how effective will it be?

Also, during the course of the week as I collect Omegas, my thought was that Tribal Unity would get the next one, then maybe Phrophetic Visions. Any gear would go to Papaloo getting top priority.

Any thoughts?
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    I'd hold onto them and wait until the event. Ideally, doing both would be great. I was able to get 6* last time around, with all G10 or under, 6* for Chirpa and Wicket, put on my arena mods and ended up putting the Zeta on Chirpa. I had all the omega's maxed, except for Teebo (Yes, I used Chirpa lead, Elder, Wicket, Paploo and Teebo, no Logray for me...). Hope this helps. I think the Zeta will be the key in gaining more turns/assists. With Logray (much better than Teebo) and others, I think you can make it!
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