Getting Threepio: Skill = Secondary

If you think skill is the primary ingredient in this game, you’re wrong- at least when it comes to getting these new characters. Want threepio? You don’t even get to TRY unless you have 7 star ewoks. And if you DO happen to have them, good luck beating the last tier unless they’re all running with AT LEAST gear 10. Probably 1 chance in 100,000 that you can beat it unless you have gear 11.

Want to gear up your ewoks so you too can get this potentially “must have” new character? Stop by the store! Increase your “skill” in fighting with your ewoks by dropping a big pile of cash! That way your “skill” will match that of the rebel squad, and maybe you’ll GET A SINGLE TURN before half of your squad is wiped out! Are we selling any gear that’s actually useful? Nope. Buy crystals! It takes “skill” to put in your credit card number! Use your skill to defeat the ewok’s enemies! USE THAT UBER ELITE SKILL OF INPUTTING YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!


  • Hate to tell you but skill has never been a part of this game, so there is literally no reason for anyone to think this.
  • Wheres the line? Do you want to be able to beat is with 1* g1 ewoks? This is the newest legendary character event. Shouldn't it be the hardest in the game? 3 of the ewoks have been in the game since launch, and the other 3 have been in game for over a year.
  • APX_919
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    Luck plays a role but skill factors more. G10 Ewoks at 5 stars can unlock 3PO but more often than not it's the right combo of Ewoks that allows it to happen. Logray and Wicket make it a lot easier. Paploo is a must as is Chirpa lead. Ewok Elder needs health and some speed to survive.
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  • Huatimus
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    Totally wrong, there is one major skill needed in this game and it is called Resource Management.
    If your resource management is good, you would have the required ewoks, gear level, abilities and mods.

    And yes, you could always compensate for the lack of this skill with another skill called Using your Credit Card.
  • Legit done with this game if I fail to get c3p0 this go around... The RNG is stupid. Especially Chewie going stealth being an instant reset... I've had han and Chewie down only for Leia to waste scout and 2 others right after instantly. Nearly impossible without wicket and logray.
  • Ryche
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    My squad I unlocked with (Chief Chirpa was GL 7 though, with mods from my R2)
  • I'd use my R2 mods. But they're all 6dot. And my chirpa is G11. So, yeah, screwed by upgrading those mods too :pensive:
  • Corpus
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    Managed to beat 7* with the 5 recommended Ewoks.
    Chirpa, Wicket, Palpo, Logray, & Elder.
    All gear 10, with Elder gear 11.
    Leader Zeta on Chirpa and everyone with +95 to +100 speed bonus from mods (all health mods with a CD set on Wicket)
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