Secluded Empire Community - 4 United Guilds up to 401M GP, 23/54 ROTE TB, 6-14 Reva, CRANCOR EASY

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The Secluded Empire Community!

Hello everyone and welcome!

Our Recruitment Server:

We are currently looking to fill a few spaces in all of our guilds, requirements, and details for each guild will be listed below but one factor remains true to all four. We are a friendly, dedicated team making strong personal progress in each guild. All guilds have similar requirements in terms of tickets and participation. Unlike traditional alliances, we have no feeder system, members are left to make a personal choice if they ever want to progress to another guild here, we do not force or even encourage it until the person reaches out to me. We believe this to be the best way to make sure all guilds here have their own personal progress. We do however run a temp system where we temp a member from another guild to fill a short-term space in a higher GP guild when needed until a full-time recruit is found. This allows us to keep our guilds at full capacity at all times, so you never have to worry about having an empty space that's losing out on tickets, because we have it covered haha. We have a lot of experienced players amongst the guilds who are always offering advice and guidance to anyone who needs it about modding, team comps, or anything else that's needed. We currently have a very low leave record, generally, the only spaces we fill are people who are completely retiring from the game. So please take a look below we have guilds catered to all GP levels and hope to hear from you soon, please hop into our recruitment server for more information or to apply to join, you may also message one of us on discord or pm me here on the forums if that's what you would prefer!

Secluded Empire - 401m GP
Spaces Open: 2
About Us:

Guild Reset: 01:00 UTC (20:00 EST)
Ticket Reset: 19:30 UTC (14:30 EST)
Rancor Sim: 22:00 UTC (16:00 EST)
HAAT Start Time: 22:00 UTC (17:00 EST)
HSITH: 22:00 UTC (16:00 EST)
CRancor: 19:00 UTC
ROTE TB: 23/54
Reva Shards: 6-14
Tickets: 29.8-30k a day
TW: Mandatory Signup and Partcipation


(Exceptions could be made for the right roster)

6m+ GP
100% Participation in TB and TW
Must have 3+ Relic LS Geo Teams
Must have KAM Ready Relic Clones
Must have JMK
Must have 1-2 Additional GLs (NI SEE)

(SE) Deathwatch - 315m GP
Spaces Open: 3
About Us:

Rancor: 8pm GMT
CRANCOR: 19:00 GMT (Takes over 24 hours to kill)
ROTE TB: 16/54


4.5m+ GP (Exceptions will be made for the right rosters)
600/600 tickets
Full Effort in TB and TW
1 GL
2 Relic LS Geo Teams

(SE) Galactic Shores - 275m GP

About Us:

Rancor: 20:00 UTC (Simmed)
HAAT: 22:00 UTC (Simmed)
HSITH: 18:00 UTC
DS Geo: 28/33 Stars
ROTE TB: 14/54
Wat Tambor Shards: 17


3.5m+ GP
600/600 Tickets
100% Participation in TB and TW
1 GL or a well developed roster ideally towards LS Geo

(SE) Training Academy - 172m GP
Spaces Open: 9

About Us:

DS Hoth: 38/48 Stars
LS Hoth: 34/45 Stars
DS Geo: 10/33 Stars


Any roster size welcome
Must log in at least once every 3 days

We look forward to hearing from you all! we are looking forward to being the home of many more swgoh players and are looking forward to helping you all out as much as possible!

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  • All three guilds are still looking for recruits.

    The alliance is an awesome place to play the game to have a good time. If you are interested please follow the link in the original post to our recruitment discord server
  • Check these guys out, they seem cool
  • Join our great team today, you wont regret it
  • Amazing alliance of guilds looking for members of all standard.

    Encouraging group of likeminded individuals, will help you with anything possible. a plethora of knowledge resides here. Spots don't last long.

    If your interested follow the discord link posted above.
  • Join Secluded Empire today! Best guilds ever :smile:
  • Strong alliance and definitely a great place for those with a competitive edge
  • Still in need of recruits, join whilst you can!!!
    Oh we have cookies too
  • Zaraos
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    Still looking for one member for our 184m GP Guild, 1 for our 145m GP guild and a couple of spaces for our 85m GP guild, all are amazing places to grow and expand your swgoh experience! Please get in touch if interested in joining our amazing and dedicated team
  • I was in a small guild that merged into the SE Alliance about 6 months ago and it was a great decision. Very well-organised and dedicated team members that really go the extra mile to make sure everyone gets the most out of their game.
  • It’s a great Star Wars community guys. Most who join never want to leave.
  • We're still looking for new members for all three guilds. Please follow link to our server on the OP. Fantastic community to be a part of.
  • Join us today!
  • Bump
  • We're on a new TW win streak of 12 now in SE GH and would love for you to join us!
  • Serean
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    Still recruiting! Don’t miss out on joining the best community guild ever! :smile:
  • Great alliance to join if you are looking to grow!!
  • Still have spaces to fill in our guilds. Follow the link to our discord server to come by and check us out.
  • Got some spaces to fill still! Check out discord
  • Zaraos
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    Still have spaces in all three guilds to fill, if interested in joining our team please drop me a pm or join our discord for more information!
  • Regarding Discord, I might add that one of the coolest things about these guilds are the mountains of information & advice the members share. In a game that's constantly evolving, seems like every day there's a new challenge and a flurry of "what ifs" & "how abouts". Being able to correspond with so many seasoned veterans of the game has been extremely helpful.
  • The guys in our alliance have mountains of knowledge about this game and are always on to help out and offer advice. If you want to progress at maximum speed this is the place to do so.
  • We're still looking for new members to join this awesome alliance. We've got loads of experienced heads always willing to give advice over discord.
  • Join our friendly group today
  • Bump
  • We are still recruiting! :smile: Join our discord and meet our amazing community for all player types B)
  • We still have spaces available. If interested please connect with us on discord
  • Come have a conversation on discord if you're interested! We still have spots
  • Spots available for all 3 guilds. Great people great guilds. Don't miss this opportunity. Drop in our discord server for a chat to find your forever guild.
  • Zaraos
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    Still a small amount of spaces amongst the guilds. Just had another triple TW victory in the guilds. Dont miss out on your chance to join us!
  • Join us, and together, we can rule the galaxy as one super alliance! Come with us. It is the only way.
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