How does Heroic compare with Tier 6?

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The Heroic Rancor is technically easier to beat than the Tier 6 Rancor, you just have limited time and no character refresh.
However the Heroic Tank is technically harder to beat than the Tier 6 Tank, including the aforementioned time limit and lack of character refresh.

So which way does Heroic Sith go?
Is it numerically easier or harder than Tier 6 (disregarding the time limit and lack of character refresh)?


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    Harder. If I remember correctly, if you can get tier 6 finished in under 6 (or was it 12?) hours, you are probably ready. But you never know until you try.
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    It took us 22 hours to beat T6 and we are now beating heroic

    First time we beat it with half hour left 😃
    Second time we did it with hours to spare

    You should always try it at least once go see how you get on

    Plan before hand.
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