New Raid Design Concepts

I have been a model, beta tester and freelance designer for a number of games since 2004. It's just in me to come with Concepts for games just for the fun of it--most especially for games that I really like playing. GoH is one such game that I have really taken a liking to, and is my absolute favorite mobile game thus far.

It has been quite a while since any new Raids have come out and I have seen more Guild inactivity in the past six months than I have have seen in a while, so I would like to suggest a couple Concepts for some new Raids that could make being in a Guild a bit more interesting to try and draw some players back to them.

1. Wolves of Lothal:
A raid that fights against the Loth Cats and Wolves on Lothal, culminating with a battle against the Giant Loth Wolf. Bonuses are given to Beast squads led by Ezra Bridger and Phoenix Characters. Heroic Raid Character Shards are for the White Loth Wolf.

White Loth Wolf:
Factions: Light Side, Attacker, Beast

Changes to in game Characters implemented along with new Raid:
-Add Beast faction tag to Wampa.
-Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) and Wedge Antilles receive Phoenix Faction tag.
-Hera, Ezra, Sabine, Chopper, Kanan and Zeb receive new Spectre Faction tag, along with the Ghost and Phantom II ships. Hera now has separate bonuses for Phoenix and Spectre Characters
-New Abilities for Ezra Bridger:
New Leader Ability: Call of the Wild
Beast allies gain critical chance up and turn meter gain.
New Unique Ability: Animal Bonds
Ezra calls all Beast allies to assist in his attacks, and who also can receive a bonus attack when Ezra is hit by an enemy attack.

Special Marquee Characters for Guild Raid:
Young Ezra Bridger:
Factions: Light Side, Support, Rebel, Phoenix, Spectre, Jedi, Scoundrel
Requirements: Phoenix Characters
Basic Ability: Lightsaber Pistol
Special Ability: Energy Slingshot
Unique Ability: Street Urchin - buffs to Scoundrels
Unique Ability: Stand up together. - buffs to Rebels
Description: Support Unit whose basic attack stuns using Lightsaber Pistol bolts are immediately followed by a physical Lightsaber attack and special attack using and energy slingshot that has a high chance of stunning characters, but causes little damage. Two unique abilities that grants bonuses to Scoundrel and Rebel characters respectively.

Loth Cat:
Factions: Light Side, Support, Beast
Requirements: Phoenix Characters

Loth Wolf:
Factions: Light Side, Attacker, Beast
Requirements: Phoenix Characters

Womp Rat:
Factions: Dark Side, Attacker, Beast
Requirements: Tusken and Jawa Characters

Factions: Dark Side, Support, Beast, Tusken
Requirements: Tusken Characters

Factions: Dark Side, Attacker, Beast
Requirements: Phoenix and Clone Characters

Factions: Dark Side, Tank, Beast
Requirements: Phoenix and Rebel Characters

2. Catacombs of Geonosis:
A raid that takes players into the depths of Geonosis, facing off against three waves of Geonosian Undead, culminating with a battle against Poggle the Lesser and Queen Karina the Great. Bonuses are given to Droid and Imperial Trooper Characters. Heroic Raid Character Shards are for the Geonosian Undead character that can infect enemies causing damage over time and also confusion that can cause them to harm allies.

Geonosian Undead:
Factions: Dark Side, Tank, Geonosian, Separatist

More concepts incoming...
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