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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are preparing to launch the first part of our highly anticipated Quality of Life update! You’ve seen some of the details already in the Road Ahead at the end of January, but there’s so much more. As per usual, our Version Update will begin rolling out to all players starting this afternoon, Wednesday, 3/13. with the changes below.

And in the following days, Players will be required to update, if they haven't already, players will be required to update in order access the final features for this update. We are planning to launch part 2 on 3/14 but it could shift to 3/15 depending on how the roll out goes. Check out the bottom section for what changes will occur in round 2 of the update.

Now, on to today’s changes!

Quality of Life Changes - Mar 13th
Major Changes:
  • Combat Buff UI Overhaul: We’ve added a button to the Combat UI that collapses all buffs & debuffs into a condensed view. Your characters/ships will always show up to 3 “high-priority” buffs/debuffs (such as Taunt, Foresight, or locked / character-unique status effects like Fracture or Isolate) and all other effects will be represented by a number indicating the total number of status effects on the character. The button can be toggled on or off for all characters, or you can tap individual characters to expand / collapse their buffs as needed. (This button can be enabled / disabled in the combat Settings menu.)
    You can tap individual characters to expand / collapse their buffs as needed. In this screenshot, Jolee Bindo and Sith Assassin have been toggled to show all status effect icons
  • Revamped Description Pop-Up: Along with the Buff UI overhaul, you can now long-press a character to toggle a revised pop-up, showing the names and descriptions of all buffs / debuffs on the character. This pop-up works for both friendly and enemy characters / ships in combat.
  • Unique Only Toggle for Saved Squads / Mod Loadouts: Now, as you are juggling multiple squads and mod sets for Grand Arena, Territory Wars, and other game modes, we’ve added a “Unique Only” option for you to highlight all duplicate characters in squads, or all mods already set to a current loadout tab. This will help you avoid committing a character to a squad (or a mod to a loadout) that you’d like to save for later.

UI Changes
  • Saved Squad Shortcut: The character inventory now has a shortcut to Squad Management (replacing the “Buy Data Cards” button)
  • Cantina Home Raid Icon: The active Raid icon in the Cantina now takes you directly to the raid overview screen when a raid is active
  • Expanded Ability Description: Improved readability of fully upgraded ability descriptions by expanding the text over the area that previously had a large “check” mark
  • Pre-Battle Screen Info: The Character Selection now displays a character’s name and gear tier

Other Quality of Life Changes
Alongside the major updates, we’ve added a host of minor quality of life fixes, including the following:
  • Better Gear Find Flow: Gear find flow has been improved to search for both full pieces and salvage / components.
  • Territory War/Grand Arena Capacity Indicators: Territory War & Grand Arena maps now have a capacity indicator per territory, so that you can see how many squads have been filled without having to click through each territory
  • Node Simming Slider: The node simming slider logic has been adjusted to slightly reduce the number of taps to fully sim a node
  • Leader Slot Default: When a squad auto-populates in the pre-battle screen, if there is no saved squad in memory, it defaults to putting a Leader in the Leader position
  • Performance Optimization: Some minor technical performance improvements in combat

Minor Changes
  • Grand Arena’s schedule is being moved from the 24th to start on the 25th. Please visit the official calendar for the latest dates for events
  • Reward Screen now center justifies all items. Note: Rewards for events have not changed but will be displayed differently
  • The Connect sub-menu (on Android) now holds the Connect to Facebook, Sign In/Out of Google Play, and Link a Device options.
New Packs and Bundles
Scourge of the Old Republic Event Pack
Power up the characters needed in the Scourge of the Old Republic event with this Event Pack!
Each pack awards 1 card of character shards worth 10-330 shards.
Possible characters:
  • Bastila Shan (Fallen)
  • Canderous Ordo
  • Carth Onasi
  • HK‌-47
  • Juhani
Date available: Mar 13th
699 Crystals
Minimum Level Requirement: 20

Unlock or power up the duo of Carth Onasi and Canderous Ordo with this special bundle!
BONUS: This bundle also includes CRYSTALS, Credits, training droids, ability materials, and gear to immediately power up Carth Onasi and Canderous Ordo.

Bundle Includes:
  • Carth Onasi (x50)
  • Canderous Ordo (x50)
  • Crystals (x1500)
  • Credits
  • XP Training Droids
  • Ability Mats
  • Gear
Date available: Mar 13th
Minimum Level requirements: 20
Maximum # purchases: 1

Unlock or power up the duo of Bastila Shan (Fallen) and Juhani with this special bundle!
BONUS: This bundle also includes CRYSTALS, Credits, training droids, ability materials, and gear to immediately power up Bastila Shan (Fallen) and Juhani.

Bundle Includes:
  • Bastila Shan (Fallen) (x50)
  • Juhani (x50)
  • Crystals (x1500)
  • Credits
  • XP Training Droids
  • Ability Mats
  • Gear
Date available: Mar 13th
Minimum Level requirements: 20
Maximum # purchases: 1

The Heroes of Legend Bundle for HK‌-47 is now in the Store for a limited time! Power up the infamous Assassin Droid with this bundle and eliminate your meatbag enemies!

Bundle Includes:
  • HK-47 (x50)
  • Credits
  • XP Training Droids
  • Ability Mats
  • Gear
Date available: Mar 13th
Minimum Level requirements: 20
Maximum # purchases: 1

Bug Fixes
  • Savage Opress AI will use his level 8 Omega "Overpower" Special ability properly when the target is below 50% Health.
  • Fixed an issue where a connection interruption during either a Victory/Defeat screen in Grand Arena, or at the end of an Attack Phase, resulted in a client restart
  • Grand Arena review phase will no longer show character models from squads that were defeated
  • Fixed an issue with Galactic War rewards continuing to overlap after being closed
  • Fixed C-3PO’s Basic ability not displaying properly on 4:3 devices
  • Fixed an issue where Endurance can obstruct the view of other ships in Fleet Battles
  • Fixed an issue where a player disappears from the Grand Arena leaderboard after setting defensive squads
  • Fixed an issue where an Officer could attempt to disband an already disbanded chat room, causing a restart
  • Fixed an issue where some Settings buttons were missing SFX
  • Fixed an issue where some players could access Guild features after being removed from a Guild
  • Fixed an issue where B1 Battle Droid would incorrectly show a Protection bar in pre-battle & Squad Management screens
  • Fixed an issue where Prestigious Quest “Underdog Wins” was counting undersized squads in Grand Arena incorrectly
  • Fixed some graphical issues with the last tier of Chewbacca’s Legendary event
  • Fixed an issue where a player erroneously received Grand Arena inbox messages when they did not join a Grand Arena
  • Fixed an issue that caused pre-battle text in Han’s Millennium Falcon’s Legendary event to disappear
  • Mods Management scrollbar now remembers the last position it was at after using the back button.
  • Fixed an issue where loading into Grand Arena for the first time while it is active would sometimes show the player portrait incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with "letterboxing" on iOS devices with 1.43:1 aspect ratio.
  • Fixed an issue with extraneous text sometimes appearing at the beginning of PVP battles
  • Fixed an issue with chat windows becoming stuck on screen while auto battle is enabled in a Raid.
  • Fixed an issue with extraneous text appearing on screen in the daily login window after changing timezones during a month rollover to the next month.
  • Fixed an issue when poor internet connections or incoming phone calls sometimes causing Error Code 9.110 at the end of battles
  • Fixed an issue where GP was not updating immediately in the status menu after slicing a Mod.
  • Fixed an issue with buff/debuff details pop-up remaining on screen during raid phase transitions.
  • Fixed an issue with reward icons appearing missing after simming multiple battles.
  • Fixed an issue with Death Trooper's rifle SFX being used by other units in the same battle.

See you on the Holotables!

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    Quality of Life Round 2 - Mar 14th (or Mar 15th)
    These changes require all clients use the same updated version and will not be active until players are required to update if they haven’t already.
    Major Feature
    • Raid Simming: Veteran Guilds can now sim the Heroic Raid, The Pit! Simming a Raid automatically delivers identical rewards to everyone in the guild. Guilds must have completed the Heroic Rancor 50 times, and there must be at least 35 players with a 7* Han Solo in the guild at the time of battle start in order to sim.

    Grand Arena
    • Grand Arena Matchmaking Improvements: Character-only Grand Arena matchmaking is no longer impacted by Ships GP
    • Grand Arena Push Notifications: Push notes now trigger near the incoming end of each Grand Arena phase if you have not acted
    • Grand Arena Auto-Deploy: If you forget to set your roster after signing up for Grand Arena, or if this is your strategy (shame on you), but if you do forget to set defenses we have a new feature that will distribute your strongest characters from highest to lowest power to your defensive teams. This isn’t a substitute for placing teams yourself as Auto-Deploy doesn’t take into consideration any team composition or synergies.

    Other Updates
    • Leader Tag: Leader has been added as a filter tag in pre-battle selection and saved squad screens
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • I’m not receiving any progress towards my raid quests any more, why not?
      Simmed Raids don't count towards quests. You’ll need to beat the raid manually in order to get credit for quests.
    • How long do I have to join a raid once we choose to sim a raid?
      A simmed Raid’s default auto-launch join period is 1 day. This can be modified by the Leader or Officer launching the raid.
    • Why does my Guild Settings show that we have less Han Solo's than we actually have?
      Each Guild member with 7* Han Solo will need have logged in at least once since the latest Title Update to receive credit towards Raid Simming
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