Shadowlands - TW Alliance | NA & EU Guilds | 30-32⭐ DSGEO | 21-27⭐ LSGEO | 45 - 44 - 40 KAM Shards!


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    Join us. Were awesome! Come see for yourself what all of the fuss is about
  • Shadowlands still has a few spots available. Come talk with us during this TW and see where you can find your new home.
  • Shadowlands is always looking for Talented players, with focus and a love for PVP....
    If that sounds like you, come on in!
  • Come on over, lots of opportunity to grow and learn!
  • Ulam
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    Dominating tw come join the best most fun alliance in the game!
  • If your focus is TW/GA, we are the alliance for you
  • A great mix of p2p and ftp guys n girls coming together for a common cause of squeezing the most you can from this game! Heck they even have professors that will advise you live during your GA battles if you want! Friendly and competive with no egos! You want to see what the game truly has to offer .... go click the link and come talk to us! :)
  • Still time to apply before the next TW!
  • AG88
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    Pretty much all I have to say.

  • 336sec
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    If you want the best then ditch the rest and join us !!!!!
  • Jawwny
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    Who goes first, Wat or Han?

    Find out the RIGHT answer here, in Shadowlands.
  • AG88
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    Shadowlands is truly a great alliance. Very active, strong leadership, can do attitude.
  • Great place to grow your account
  • Take your game to the next level in Shadowlands!
  • Have more fun in TW with Shadowlands, join us!
  • Just gonna leave this here shot first beat a 22m gp sandbag with us having a disadvantage of 700 6* 400 g13 and 20 less gl. What have you done today!?
    Credit to ☆besteve☆ for the comment!!
  • Its TW time. Find a group that plays at your level. Check us out!
  • We rock tw! Come and find put how
  • AG88
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    Bumpy Space Princess.

  • It's awesome to be back in the game! Wouldn't do it in any other alliance but SHADOWLANDS!!!
  • Morning, how's your TW going!
  • come join us :wink:
  • Looking for people to join us.
  • YhWnqDL.png

    Shadowlands is a small community of 6 collaborative guilds that operates like a single large guild. We all share a server and support/contribute to the success of every guild with specialized alliance channels. Community is everything at this stage in the game and we have curated a friendly like-minded group of competitive and passionate players. We do not believe in feeder guilds. Outside of our specialized teams to guide you through all aspects the game has to offer, we utilize voice chat for theory-crafting, weekly meetings, podcasts, roster reviews and more.

    If you would like to be considered, visit us on Discord:

    VANGUARD - 330m | 32:star: DSGEO | 22:star: LSGEO | 50 Wat | 28 KAM |
    1. Galactic Power of 5m+, 45 G13's & 150+ 6E mods.
    2. Hpit SIM, HAAT 8:00pm, HSR 9:00pm EST.
    SHOT FIRST - 295m | 31:star: DSGEO | 19:star: LSGEO | 45 Wat | 17 KAM |
    1. Galactic Power of 5m+, 30 G13's & 130+ 6E mods.
    2. Hpit SIM, HAAT/HSR 2:45pm EST/19:45 GMT
    WOOKIEE MONSTERS - 301m | 31:star: DSGEO | 19:star: LSGEO | 49 Wat | 29 KAM |
    1. Galactic Power of 5m+, 25 G13's & 125+ 6E mods.
    2. Hpit SIM, HAAT/HSR 8:00pm EST
    DEAD FOREST GUARDS - 286m | 31:star: DSGEO | 18:star: LSGEO | 47 Wat | 22 KAM |
    1. Galactic Power of 4m+, 25 G13's & 150+ 6E mods.
    2. Hpit SIM, HAAT 7:15pm, HSR 9:15pm EST
    SILVERBACKS – 272m | 31:star: DSGEO | 19:star: LSGEO | 47 Wat | 19 KAM |
    1. Galactic Power of 4.5m+, 25 G13's & 150+ 6E mods.
    2. Hpit SIM, HAAT 2:00pm EST/18:00 GMT, HSR 3:00pm EST/19:00 GMT
    DREADLOCKS - 252m | 30:star: DSGEO | 15:star: LSGEO | 42 Wat | 10 KAM |
    1. Galactic Power of 4m+, 20 G13's & 100+ 6E mods.
    2. Hpit SIM, HAAT 8:00pm, HSR 9:00pm EST
    All guilds require discord and a account Contact us privately if you prefer: Opii#9142

  • Are you ready for lsgtb? Are you looking for maximum rewards? Join shadowlands, 6 guilds strong, very tw,tb,gac centric with proven winning strategies and THE BEST COMMUNITY!
  • Join the best community in the game, win at tw! Win at tb! Win in GAC! Join the Wookies!
  • Don't miss out on being a part of the best thing in this game. Come join shadowlands.
  • I joined this guild a month ago and am having a blast. Great community with lots of content and support focused on making you a better player. Doing GAC livestream with your guild mates cheering you on is awesome.
  • Tasz14
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    Looking for tw focused players who enjoy being part of a great community.
  • If PVP end game is what you're looking at, we got the best environment for you to enjoy the game again!
    No slackers in TW, an organised community with tons of ressources and a genuine passion for the game... forget about the drama and come theory craft with us!
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