Who wants Treya shards?

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Hi guys and girls

My name is Jake and I am here representing my guild Anarchy. We are a focused high level guild around 160 mil GP but we are short 6 members and unfortunately despite multiple tickets we remain invisible in guild search so... we have now decided all we want is tickets, 600, every day! In return we are willing to essentially let you freeload in raids on zero damage and collect rewards. Ideally we are looking for people who are serious about the game so Alt accounts or people restarting from scratchwould be welcome. I am posting this in new players as we exclusively want low level players who want to learn from experienced players and get a head start on Treya. If you are interested PM me and we will choose the top 6 most suitable people. There is no minimum requirement other than a single 7* toon so you can join the raids. 600 means 600! 599 and you would be gone, sorry if that sounds harsh but thats the deal. I eagerly await a response


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