Can't change raid settings since last update

Once a raid is launched, I can't change the settings for the next one anymore.
I got the Sith raid on immediate auto launch. And will never be able to change the settings since my guild takes it down in more time than needed to get enough tickets.

Ok, in my case it was voluntarily, but one wrong button press and your raid will launch at the same level indefinitely.

I don't really see the "quality of life" here.


  • lekku1320
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    edited March 22
    I agree. Although I think we have a 1 hour window after raid is defeated and before rewards are paid out to change settings? That's what I'm hoping.
    But I agree, please go back to allowing us to edit raid settings while a raid is active. Otherwise we don't seem to have a way out of the loop if we're setup to auto launch as soon as tickets are available.
  • I was wrong, even in the 1 hour window after beating raid and before auto launch I cannot change settings. Lame bug. We want to try a heroic for experience but I can't stop the auto launch of another t6
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