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Hi Holotable Heroes,

I wanted to clarify a few things around the rework of HK-47 and the changes coming to Fallen Bastila Shan.

In the case of HK - he will receiving a rework in order to synergize with Darth Revan, but his current leader ability is very powerful and, left as is, could create some game-breaking teams with just a little synergy. This is primarily due to how early in the game’s lifecycle his kit was developed and didn’t account for all the fun and weird mechanics that we would go on to add to the game.

Currently, his Leader ability limits the space we have to design new characters or improve existing ones that would synergize with HK-47. That leaves us with 2 choices:
  1. Leave him as is and build characters that wouldn’t interact with HK-47 - which would leave an awesome fan favorite to languish for eternity
  2. Rework his current leader ability along with the rest of his kit
We think number 2 is the best option and the changes to his abilities are significant enough that we will be resetting and returning all the ability materials that were used on HK‌-47’s Leader ability.

When it comes to reworks, generally we try to improve older characters and revitalize usefulness but it’s not as simple improving a few stats. Often, we have to rethink how this character fits into a game that has changed significantly. In most cases we believe we have succeeded in making these improvements (Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader).

So when, in our judgment, we weren’t able to improve or have changed the core identity of a character with a rework, our intention is to offer some kind of makegood. This may come in the form of a zeta refund (Old Daka) or ability refund (HK-47), or something entirely different. We will try to communicate these intentions at the time of the rework’s announcement so you can plan accordingly.

The changes to Bastila Shan (Fallen) are fairly minor in comparison to HK-47, but are also intended to improve her synergy in a Darth Revan team. Bastila will have a new unique and we are adding the new “Fear” debuff to one of her Special abilities. These minor changes were made to align her with Darth Revan’s release, so they don’t actually constitute a “rework” in the traditional sense, but rather highlight the bond between these two characters by introducing more synergies.

We can’t talk about reworks and not mention what’s happening with zFinn. We are still investigating the rework to zFinn’s leader ability to prevent infinite loops. We had shared a possible solution previously, but while the changes TopHat discussed prevented infinite loops in Phase 3, in further testing we realized we inadvertently added a new trivializing loop to Phase 1, so we are taking another pass at solving this interaction. We apologize that this fix is taking longer than expected but we are hoping to have an update that we can share soon.

S.B. Crumb
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  • I didn't mention any compensation specifically for zFinn because we found additional issues. We will re-evaluate his refund status once we know how we intend to fix him.

    In short, it's not off the table but we will decide once we know the scope of the changes.
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