• If we go by "canon", it's not possible. Unless a romantic involvement is going to be revealed in the future, but that would take a good deal of explication I doubt they'll add to the new movies. In the EU Kenobi had a trist with another Jedi, but that's not canon. In the Clone Wars it is revealed he has a love shared with Satine, but he gave that up for the Jedi Order far before it became involved enough to bear a child.

    Dude suggests she "is" Kenobi... But resurrection was something pursued by Plageuis, and certainly not by the Jedi.

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    I have no idea where I saw or head this... But I once heard that there might be stories of Kenobi and Qianlan Vos's sister during Kenobi's "exile" on Tattoonie having a child together...and their child could be the mother or father of Rey?

    However, my bet is on her being a Solo!
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    Think we already have enough threads about her heritage. But I enjoyed Rey's stunt double video at the end. ;)
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