Best Bounty Hunter squad


I found those 2 BH squads in the top 200 arena. Does that mean it is the best BH squads ? Should the 5th toon be Greedo or IG88 or another ?


  • Rath_Tarr
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  • Best means % wins during autoplay?
  • YaeVizsla
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    "Best" is a nebulous word. Depends what you're doing.

    Arena is not a great use of hunters. And I'm guessing this is a fairly young shard if you're not seeing mostly Revan in the 200+ range.

    That said, Embo is generally a stronger choice than Greedo or IG-88. It's just that Greedo and IG-88 are much more accessible early on. Both Jango and Bossk on a younger shard are quite the burden to get already, and tossing Embo into the single hard node farm mix is rough.

    IG-88 is probably the worst pick for a hunters team. Good damage, good zeta, but far too frail to be practical without something to bolster him or accelerate him ridiculously, a la the classic HK/IG-88/Jawa Engineer lineup.
  • VonZant
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    Yeah Embo is best attacker outside of Boba. But I dont think the team is arena viable.

    BUT if you are just using them for offense and then sub in a better defensive team, may work ok. I hear Jango lead can beat a lot of teams.
  • vincentlondon
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    YaeVizsla wrote: »
    And I'm guessing this is a fairly young shard if you're not seeing mostly Revan in the 200+ range.

    No this is is an old shard. Revan squads are there. I was just lucky enough to click on the refresh button until i could align those 2 BH squads together for my screenshot (i think there was only those 2 in the top 200)
  • Rath_Tarr
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    I still run Bounty Hunters and hold pretty well in the top 200, though pushing top 100 is rare these days.

    Before Revan's second coming an ally of mine was running hunters in the top 50 of our shard.
  • I’m sad to say I’m with @YaeVizsla on this one.

    IG-88 doesn’t have the stats to roll with the Bounty Boys. Plus, most of his utility revolves around Target Locking opponents, so that’s an entire portion of his kit that you won’t see realized unless he’s run in a droid squad... But, then he doesn’t get a payout.

    It’s a lose-lose.
    IG-88 tried to synergize with both Droids and Bounty Hunters and ended up half-arsing both.
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