When is Darth Revan coming?

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

I know there is a lot of anticipation around Darth Revan’s arrival, and while we are normally quite circumspect around dates (for one of the reasons of which I’m about to illustrate), we know that there is a lot of excitement around this particular release, and we want to communicate as much clarity as we can.
We were initially hoping to release Darth Revan this week. However, this event is of a scope and scale that is among the largest of the “journey” events we have done in the past. For this reason, I made the call late last night to delay until early next week. This gives us an extra few days of testing (and, pending on what we find, two weekend days to fix those issues). While normally we push a build up and schedule the event for 24 hours+ later, we will be pushing up the build and turning on the event almost immediately, meaning that when we decide it’s ready to go, we’ll be unleashing it all in one go. We will be aiming for as early in the week as possible, pending any issues we need to find and fix.
As a reminder, the development team works on the PDT schedule, so while most of the team does work additional hours, the dates and times we give in these communications are reflective of US Pacific Daylight Time (Currently UTC -7). We will update you on Monday with any additional details.

Have a great weekend, and as always…
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