Ok when I first got him I was like **** he is nothing. I decided to gear him up, LVL him up and I've fallen in love with him. Double Down is awesome. It Crits like crazy and has no cooldown if it scores more than 1 crit hit(it does about 75% of the time) It also does 50% more damage on its next turn. You get this rolling and you are in business. I only have him at Gear V 1 away from 6, so I can't wait to see him at 7. That Double down makes taking a squad out pretty easy. To put it in perspective I have Lando 4* gear 5 and Maul at 5* gear 5 and Lando has over 500 more HP, 93 less Physical damage points and 69 higher special damage.

I was starting to struggle, especially after Barriss nerf in the arena due to everyone so much higher level slipping to 20's and 30's. I put him in with Sid,Vader, Lum, and Opress and I have walked through every opponent since. Only team to stop me was in GW a LVL 60 purple gear with Sid, Kenobi, Fett, Lum, Luke today. That team was vicious always on ability lock and heal immunity.

Bottom line give players a second chance. I hated Lando at first, but love him now. His basic Crits for me about 50% of the time at 1600+


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