FSS - Active & Friendly- 197M Guild - is looking for 1 motivated member

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Force Sensitive Sentients

* 197M GP
* 26 Stars DS Geo
* 10 Stars LS Geo

We’re a friendly, active and fully heroic guild looking for motivated players who will be active in all aspects of the game. We value quality GP over quantity GP in rosters. We also value players that are highly active and put in the effort. Please don’t hesitate contact me to see if we’re a good fit.

**Other Requirements:**
- 2.5 million GP
- 600 tickets daily, but we also know RL comes first
- JKR and DR
- Active on Discord
- 7* Lobot (not really, but if you laughed then you’ve found the right guild for you)


Please contact me here or on Discord: ObiLuke#2578
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