Can I unlock Chewie at 5* with my BH

I was wondering if I have enough to unlock Chewie with the BH I have using Boba lead


  • Rhunne
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    With some luck yes. Tier 5 is when the difficulty ramps up. Load em up with your arena mods and a little rng
  • Doubtful, you’d really need some great RNG. If you are using Boba lead, you really need high potency and speed on all the bounty hunters.
  • Ok Thanks, I'll check my mods to find potency and speed secondaries
  • I unlocked Chewie first try with this:
  • With those BH at ur disposal 5* should be very doable... if u can get gears high enough on say Bossk and 1 or 2 others, or even zeta Bossk - 6* definitely possible as well.

    Just make sure you have ur best mods on them when u do it.

  • Ravnos4
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    Update did unlock him, next time around will go for 7* Chewie.

  • 5 tríes/star done no zetas gear 12 only Boba
    Bossk9,lead with Jengo 9,Dengar 8 & Greedo 9
    Kill order Chewie, Han, leía, lando & r2
    Shouldn’t have to worry about r2 stealth with Dengar
    Don’t have Bossk or Jengo at 6 stars even, and it just wasn’t working with me with Zam, & IG. So no 7 stars this go round. Good luck!!
  • Little update got him at 6* with this. It took me a while but got him.
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