How I beat Chewbacca with Jango Fett using a Boba Lead.

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I would like to begin this guide by saying that I did not get Chewbacca to 7 stars the first time the event ran. This is the Third time the event has run and I only managed to beat it now. DON’T LOSE HOPE!

I ran the following team and beat it in 8 attempts

Boba Fett (Lead)- Gear XII, 230 speed, 97.12% potency, ZETA, all abilities maxed

Dengar- Gear XII, 194 speed, 76.25% potency, NO ZETA, all other abilities maxed

Jango Fett- Gear XI, 249 speed, 55.96% potency, NO ZETAS, all other abilities maxed

IG-88- Gear XII, 157 speed, 100.42% potency, NO ZETAS, all other abilities maxed

Cad Bane- Gear XI, 151 speed, 105.79% potency, All abilities maxed (because he has no zetas)

Strategy- For the most part, I followed the Strategy of AhnaldT101’s video. I highly encourage you to watch it, as he goes over some pertinent information over how certain effects need to happen in order to beat the event. I also recommend Sir Georgeous Game’s video, as he breaks down more information on possible stats on the enemy team.

Now, in my attempt, I maximized the use of Boba Fett, Dengar, and Jango by modding them more for their other stats, (such as Critical Damage on Boba and Speed on Jango) so that I could use them to actually beat the enemy team. Unfortunately, IG-88 is mainly built in my team as a support, (no real stats, just enough potency to boost everyone) so he is for the most part expendable. Cad Bane’s use in the fight (if he lives) is to land his unavoidable stun on an enemy that may be about to do something crucial. For example, in my fight, Lando Calrissian was about to use his AOE for the second time, which would have dealt increased damage, so I used Cad Bane to stop him from doing that. You can use it on whoever you’d like really, it’s useful and possibly crucial, but not entirely necessary.

The Kill Order is: Chewbacca, Han, Leia, Lando, And R2-D2. Leia and Lando can go be swapped if there is a need for Boba to regain Hunter’s resolve.

As far as necessary chances go, Jango, Boba, and Dengar cannot be defeated, Stunned, or ability blocked at all. Jango can die once, but Boba must still have Bounty Hunter’s resolve after the opening salvo. The reason is, is that he will more than likely be attacked afterwards and killed by Han, and losing Boba that early prevents victory. IG-88 can die, and Cad Bane can (but probably will not) die. If Cad Bane lives, and he does not have ability block, use the stun on anyone you like, but if he is ability blocked, attack the Wookie.

Defeating Chewbacca is a challenge in itself, he heals very easily with his abilities. I took advantage of Han’s buffing ability and Chewbacca’s own AOE which gave him 4 buffs. With those buffs, I used Jango’s Shrapnel Blast and tried to land the Stagger and healing immunity. I managed to beat the event with only landing the stagger and one missile, but having both missiles and debuffs landing will kill Chewbacca much quicker. Boba follows up with Execute, which must hit Critical, and it must land Healing immunity. By this point, R2 will have needed to use smoke Screen, which Dengar ruins, and Dengar needs to use Mini-Mine Mayhem. It must miss once and only once, so that Dengar gets turn meter to go again and Chewbacca must get at least one thermal Detonator on him, more is preferable.

From this point, my Jango died, leaving Boba, Dengar, and one lucky Cad Bane. Between the three of them, they killed Chewbacca and Boba actually followed with Dengar and managed to kill Han. From this, Boba regained full protection and Contracts.

I would say from this point on, play it by ear. If Jango stayed alive instead of Cad Bane, the fight is yours. He would have gained Damage immunity, which for the most part would have done the trick. But as I learned, he is mainly needed to hit those debuffs at the start.

To end, this strategy, like most of these events in this game go, requires some chances. But don’t lose hope.

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