My dmg is too low - argh.

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I have been swamped 100+ times. I think people have done it at my level , but I cant focus Chewie down before I am wiped, no matter how many times I try :(


  • Bossk and Boba have enough speed. Cool.

    3 tips.

    Save Stuns and TM reductions for Chewie. Ability Block for Han.

    Manage AoEs. Avoid early AoEs to counter Leia's lead. If Bossk and/or Boba are low health, use AoEs to heal up them. Once 1-2 Rebels are down (specially Chewbacca) fell free to spam AoEs.

    When modding, prefer Protection over Health, Chewie inflict bonus damage based on Max Health (this triggers whenever he inflicts damage). I would put Cad circle to Boba, Bossk and Dengar Protection cross and circle, Dengar also triangle protection.

    My run with some notes

  • Waqui
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    Furthermore, consider a tenacity cross for Bossk instead of a potency cross, and a crit chance primary triangle for Greedo instead of crit dmg. triangle.

    In general your modding looks quite good. All you need now, is to sacrifice your first born to the gods of RNG, and you will be golden.
  • That advice was spot on thank you very much
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