Relax Guys... You can 7* the furball ***without any G12 BH!!!***

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Squad Power: 86,690

Comprised of: zBosk(g11), Zam(g11), Dengar(g10), Boba(g9), Bane(g9).

Mod Primaries: 2 protection primaries on each BH, potency cross and speed arrow as needed.

Aim to achieve:
Speed ≥ 175 (Bosk should be over 200 though)
Potency ≥ 60% (again more important for Bosk, but more doesn't hurt)
Defense ≥ 30%

* Don't bother trying to stop their stuns, your tenacity mods won't save you... Focus on defense and protection.

* The match is decided in the first 4 turns, and you won't get the control you need going all-out on any one stat... Exp: You can't slack on speed or you'll get drowned out. Can't slack on potency or you won't land any stuns (all should target Chewie). CERTAINLY can't slack on protection cuz that's all that will keep you alive long enough to gain some **very key control**.

When you do FINALLY get to take a turn (if anyone is left standing *eye-roll*) taunt with Bosk! Then make sure to send him another turn right away by using someone's special like Boba's execute to put healing immunity on Chewie and remove his four buffs. **If you can get to this point with ideally all 4, but at least 3 of your BH's, then you have a chance!... Stun Chewie with Bosk and pray... Optimal scenario is you get Chewie low enough that he is now the weakest enemy and you can stun lock and focus damage on him (btw Bosk auto-crits the weakest enemy with his basic). After Chewie's down, you've got a shot! Employ basic stun lock strategy targeting whoever is susceptible and has highest TM... several cycles of this and you're there!

Widdle them down and earn your flea-ridden crown, kid!;) You're king of the Wookies!.


* Please not that this advice is pertainable ONLY TO Bosk lead teams and hinges on his stun-lock and Zam's thermal detonator TM manipulation for overall match control... If you don't have all these BH's I've heard greedy-Greedo can be quite effective as well...

* Final note: If you're short on resources DON'T BOTHER with ANY contract upgrades!! Again, ANY!... because UNLESS you can trigger your contract rewards in the first 2 or 3 turns, the match will already be decided and it won't make a difference. Roll the dice, mate! You got this!

...Hope any of this helps! I (surprisingly) 2*'d it this morning after ~50 prior attempts. I'll try to post screenshots too (or how do people do that fancy link to their account?! Lol)

Lemme know how it goes!

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