Alternatives for CLS phase three team

So the standard team is CLS C3PO BB8 Ezra and Han/SRP/Farmboy Luke, and I’ve seen Leia in there. I was looking at the other rebels basic attacks to see what could work. Pao would be doing three attacks per turn with his omega, so that’s three exposes to be resisted. And he would also gain a bunch of turn meter when all the rebels use their basics on 3PO’s mass attack. And he could throw in an offence up in there to increase damage output. Another interesting one was Sabine. She would be doing multiple attacks as well. Throw in some armour shreds, and you’re doing more damage too. I know neither of these will hit as hard as Han or Farmboy or leia, but is there any reason from a mechanics standpoint that they wouldn’t work?


  • Sabine isn't doing multiple attacks, just one attack with multiple hits, so it's only one expose. Same with Pao. If you read their abilities carefully, it says "deal damage again" not "attack again", and 3PO only gives an expose on using a basic attack (which is why 3PO can inflict expose himself, even though he doesn't deal any damage).
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