We are MAD about 8-3

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This. ^
And that:
I could tell ya a long story about a low spending player who's not gonna ever do it again after all that mess with 17500*8 and 8-3 and all that, and blah-blah-blah, but who really cares?))) Even I really wouldn't.)))
There's a better idea. Maybe we don't give a *beep* about each other's life story episodes (SWGOH tagged), but we certainly are on the same page about THAT ^. Which kinda makes us bros in grief.
In short, let's just make this thread a place where we can express how do we hate today's CG marketing politics. Let's post pics, make memes and all that. Even if that won't work, here's a possible place for emotional relief.
I am completely sure that it matches a deffinition of Feedback.

P.S. I hate you now, CG. I love your game, it was awesome the whole time I've played (and your puzzles are awesome, CG_SBCrumb), but I really hate CG as a whole now.
P.P.S. Oh, and why not to sign the petition (clickable)? That won't work, devs don't care about it (and there is no actual reason they should do it as a private buisness enterprise), but literally why not? We can at least get to know how many other players are on the same page with us.
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