Squad opinion (working in Phasma?)

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F2P, been playing since Dec. Mainly getting toons I like from the franchise. Never put a lot of weight into Arena, I wanted to make sure I could finish GW or get close to finishing to get credits, mats, droids, etc. so I spread myself out.

I am slowly working my way up Arena and normally finish around 225-300 lately. Some days I can crack into the high 100's briefly before being knocked back. (speaking of that, I was 209 last night and this morning I was 417!!)

Curious if anyone had ideas on my squads. Name, Star, Gear (all level 70)

Team lately: Sid (L) 6* G8, GS 6* G8, RP 6* G8, Lumi 6* G7, QGJ 5* G7

I've also run QGJ lead in that same group. I have better luck with Sid lead and his crit help with GS and RP heavy hitting.

Other toons I can use and have in Arena - Opress 6* VII, Poggle 5* VIII, Dooku 5* VIII

Tonight I just got Phasma to 6* VII and mostly to VIII. Daka is almost 5*, Kylo is halfway to 5*, both gear VII

I was thinking of working Phasma in somehow as I hate facing her on defense. I know the assist rate isnt nearly as high on offense but her TM gain on VM would help (she has maxed abilities). I normally dont hit well on Fullisade for slowing the other team down so would probably use VM first.

I know on defense Phasma and Dooku can be nightmares with assists making him go nuts. I still see Phasma leaders using Sid as a team member.

I was thinking maybe pull Lumi and going Phasma (L), Sid, GS, RP and Dooku/QGJ/Poggle Or take out RP and Lumi for two others.

Idea would be assists from Phasma, GS, QGJ. RP hits really hard so would be nice for assists. Dooku can go crazy with assists/second attacks. Poggle is tanky and has his buff. Use Phasma VM first to let RP and GS go again.

If she wont work that is fine, I can use her on my B squad in GW. I faced a FO team in GW that shredded me which is what renewed my interest in Phasma/Kylo/FOO.


  • DrewN76
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    I have a 6* phasma and Kylo. And a 4* FOO. Trying to work them into arena. I think they all need to be 7* to have a good impact. That's my opinion. But I run it and another team currently

    Phasma 6*Kylo 6* Dooku 5* GS 5* Lumi 7* till I get my Daka 5* ready.

    And I run Sid 7* Poggle 6* GS 5* 86 5* Poe 4*

    Been debating sometimes I run a mix phasma Kylo Poggle GS Dooku or Lumi depending.

    Moral is I have gotten as high as 40. But I am usually down to 60-100 by morning with phasma same with the Sid group. The merged group I get down to about 50 and hold. Not sure having FOO sate up and gear will change that much. Wondering if I need to tinker more with the team. But, in GW nuke phasma fast before he gives advantage then go for Daka or aid or whatever they have. Works for me anyway. In GW I have tried running phasma lead with fives 6* Lumi 7* GS 5* and JC 5* or Dooku 5* for Jedi teams. I get by just fine.
  • ASD_Dad
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    So I went ahead and tried - Phasma (L), Sid, GS, RP, QGJ and it went flawlessly. I had all 5 at near full health at the end of the round. VM turn meter gain let GS and RP go again and that took out two toons immediately. I only got one assist from Phasma but she had a buff from QGJ on her last turn and I got a crit for 6k which took out the last guy standing on the other side.

    Trying this next since I read others had good luck - Sid (L), Pog, Phas, Lum, Gs

    Phasma assist doesnt seem to work well for me on offense but turn meter manipulation will work regardless. Still not sure how much I need Lumi in Arena. Her ability block still misses a lot but that blast hits hard. Her regular attack just seems OK. I have needed to heal in the past but lately most matches are over in a few turns.
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