Upcoming Change to Darth Malak

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

In the next week we are making a change to Darth Malak’s ability, Gnawing Terror, so that it performs closer to what we initially intended:
FINAL ABILITY (ZETA) DESCRIPTION: Darth Malak Taunts for 1 turn whenever an enemy is inflicted with Shock or Fear. Sith enemies can't gain bonus Turn Meter (excludes Raid Bosses). At the end of each turn, enemies who inflicted Damage Over Time on Darth Malak or critically hit him this turn are inflicted with Fear for 1 turn, which can't be resisted or evaded.

*Please note, Darth Malak's bonus turn is not a turn meter gain, so he will continue to get this in mirror matches

Edited to include Final Ability description and clarification.
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