I want a dev insight post as to how they figure making Malak more powerful vs EP was making good on their post to increase diversity in the arena.

Their change to Malak is a direct contradiction to what they said in their road ahead. So at the very least we need a way better explanation as to either A) what diversity means to them or B) what they think the change to Malak was suppose to accomplish.


  • Before Devan dropped, the meta was mostly Kevan.

    Right now, the meta is mostly Kevan at 63% of the top 100, with a large chunk of Devan.

    After Malak rework, the meta will continue to be mostly Kevan with a large chunk of Devan.

    We'll see how the mechanics pan out once the change drops. However, yeah, the meta is more diverse.
    Still not a he.
  • Idk what shard sillyness you have, but most shards were a split of EP, DR, Jkr and Bast. Maybe read the meta report. EP leads were a large chunk of first place finishes. And if you are talking sub 50th, that isnt what I'm talking about.
  • YaeVizsla
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    I did read the meta report.

    And top 100 is far more indicative of the game at large than #1. Most people- even most good players- are not number one.
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