Not Taking Any Chances Next Time

As the title says, I'm not taking any chances next time C3PO is up for grabs. I had an all 7* w/G11 team (no Wicket or Logray though) last time but was not able to get past the last fight.

And by not taking chances, I mean I'll patiently wait for RNGesus to reward me with an unstealthed Chewie and all 5 Ewoks still up after the opening salvo!


  • With those mods ofc.
    Who cares about your brag lmao. You had G11 team and failed to get then it is on you.
    >:)So what? I want Krell!
  • Nice. Make sure to keep careful track of how many attempts it takes, so that maybe CG will finally realize how ridiculous they're making the difficulty level on these things.
    "Don't take yourself so serious; it's a game, have fun!" •
  • Kai_Mulai
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    I’m also taking all the “ideal” Ewoks to g12, although thus far I only have Chirpa’s zeta. In addition to the C-3PO event, Ewoks are a really fun team to use in territory battles, territory wars and grand arena. Plus, I’m in an Ewok-themed guild, so - you know, represent. ;)
  • I’ll just press auto after maxing then out and I should win. After a ton of tries last time I failed too much so now I should be good
  • I didn't take the team to G12 across the board, because I didn't want to throw that many resources on them. But I had 5 zetas saved up at the time, so I dumped 3 of them onto the team and got 3PO to 7*. Still took a lot of tries and lucky RNG though. Not sure if I hated Chewbacca or 3PO more. But at least I like bounty hunters.
  • taquillasun
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    I'm with you. I threw a Zeta on Chirpa to ensure I didn't neglect gearing my bears. After fialing T5 on Padme, I decided to use gear on my bears. Then after bears will be clones.
  • Naraic
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    Do we know when c3po will return?
  • Kai_Mulai
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    My guess is early June
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