Padme 5* and 7* bare minimum to acquire, please post your results here


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    For 5* and 6* I used the geos. Beat both tiers on my first try with all geos alive and well.
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    I already had her 5* and simply used my Geonosians for 6* and 7*.

    Lz GL11 Brood Alpha
    GL12 Soldier
    GL11 Spy
    GL11 Poggle (No Omegas)
    GL10 Sun Fac

    No fancy mods, just auto until someone is weak (yellow) and then use Spy to kill one by one.

    It took a while though, but I cleared both on first attempt, and no Geonosian casualties.

    So there is definitely no need to have a General Grievous.
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    I got a good undergeared squad and just unlocked 7*.

    Nute g9 leader ( only need leadership maxed)
    GG g11
    zzVentress g12
    IG100 g7
    Dooku g11

    Only zeta is on ventress and missing many omegas across the team but got it done. Make nute as fast as possible, crit damage mods on potency/health mods on GG. Dooku potency mods. Kill padme first while keeping GK and JKA stunned/shocked/ability blocked.

    Try to get extortion on GK to transfer it to everyone else. It’s EZ if you can math up padmes death with JKA so he doesn’t slaughter the whole team. Then focus fish face with ventress leaving GK/mace for last.
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    This was overkill, didn't lose a character, 7* on first try.

    zNute(unique) lead, zGG (unique), zAsaaj (unique).
    Dooku and nute were over 220 speed, B2 was modded for potency, GG for health (slow but over 70,000 health), Asaaj for CD + health.

    Dooku put everyone under stealth but B2. He counter attacked a couple times but Asaaj and GG were deadly enough to deal with the extra protection up. He also shocked Jolee Fishdo so he couldn't revive Anakin. B2 and Asaaj helped strip buffs and taunts. Newt spread extortion like a boss and fueled GG/Asaaj. His zeta was great as it did 5% health damage each time a debuff was applied in addition to the 5% from being extorted.
  • TarlaBille
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    Got 7* with good mods moved to:

    G8 Nute Lead (No Omegas)
    zzG12+bayonet Asajj
    G12 Spy
    G12 Sun Fac
    G8 Poggle (No Omegas)

    Took out Padme first, then Anakin while controlling Fishlee. Took about 10 tries once I reviewed this thread and settled on this team.
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    Got her 6* this morning with this team. nute and dooku MVPs



    Make nute as fast as possible to get extortion up and spread it.
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    I used no strategy in my runs, barely had a chance to think. aoes from GG and it was over first try on 5,6,7. I did lose two people in tier 7, but that just set off GG for the win
    Lead G13 zzGG
    G12 zDooku
    G12 zNute
    G11 zB2
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    Geos beat tier 7 first try with no losses. G11 Alpha, g12 solider, g11 sun fac, g10 poggle, g9 spy.

    To be honest it is probably doable with less but I'm gearing them for tw/ga/tb anyway. I also have both zetas on alpha but not sure if they are needed to beat the event or not.
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    7* first try...

    NG lead, GG, AV, B2, MAG
  • jayjonbeach
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    Thread starter here with a true 7* bare minimum team, and no B2!!:

    NG G8 (l) no zeta
    GG G12 +4 zeta unique (cant remember if I won with NG or GG lead)
    Asajj G12 +0 NO zeta
    GS G8
    MG G8

    Took 100 tries, would have been much easier with B2. Key was not attacking out of turn, dispels, stuns, and kill that fish head basturd! Missing tons of purples and omegas, GG was the hero here for me
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    This is all you need for 7*. No Greivous, no B2ucfnebpxlsss.png
  • thedrjojo
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    How's this for bare minimum?

    zzGG G12+3
    Assaj G11
    Magna G9
    B2 G9
    Nute G1!

    Essentially greivous aoe them to death. The G1 nute died instantly, which gave GG a turn super early, most attempts I would kill Padme and anikan but have like 1 hit left on fishbo so he would receive anikan and then anikan would aoe me, but the time I won, I took out all 3 of them with an aoe, so I was left with gg vs mace and obiwan, and from there it was turn it into auto and collect Padme.
  • JaVinci
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    Bare bare bare minimum with RNG..
    Only zeta on GG unique, both on AV. Extortion is key.

  • lolz
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    This was my bare minimum for 5* padme

    g7 Nute lead (no omegas, 230 speed), g12 zzAsajj (all omegas, modded for offense, only 162 speed), g9 Poggle (all abilities at l1, modded for health, 215 speed), rest g1 l1 fillers. All gold mods taken from top toons. No arena mods cos they are 6 dot so cant put them anyways. Targeted Padme first, then fish face, anakin and GK. Nute's extortion is the key cos they waste turns in removing them. So he needs to be fast. Took around 10 tries with this.

    Using only Asajj and Nute was a failure in my earlier attempts. Had to add Poggle so that Nute and Asajj survive longer.
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    For 5* Padme:
    g10 NG*7 (lead) no Z, g11 AV*7 2Z, g10 Dooku*6 no Z, g8 Droideka*5 no Z, g9 Sunfac*7 no Z ( all left )

    For 6* Padme:
    g10 NG*7 (lead) no Z, g11 AV*7 2Z, g10 Dooku*6 no Z, g9 GeoSoldier*6 no Z, g9 Sunfac*7 no Z ( only 3 left )

    Both first try
  • ashbbk
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    I honestly do not know how I got through this. As I was playing and just as I got Padme down, I got a phone call on my other phone and played the rest of the battle while talking on the other phone. As for as I can remember, after padme was down, It was Ventures turn and I used her aoe attack, then Nute's extortion on Anakin, then again Ventures aoe for two consecutive turns and the battle was over.

    It is funny that I could not complete it before with my complete focus and various strategies but got through when I was not focused and just choose the attack order randomely.
  • Mando_Darb
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    I haven't 7* her yet, but am extremely confident that I'll be able to do it with this squad and heavy RNG -


    I've gotten it down to Fishee, Mace, and GK with Mace and GK stunned, had Asajj, GG and Dooku still alive, attacked with Dooku and no stun on Fishee and he res'd Anakin who murdered everyone. I'm still 100% certain had I gotten that stun off I'd have beaten it.
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    I did 7* with this team, first try. No monster mods just mods that make sense. 2x potency, 1x tenacity on B2, 3x Health mods decent speed on CD, 1x speed 1x potency on Nute, 1x offense 1x health on Assaj, 3x health on gg. Focused anakin and padme first then joleefishdo, mace, then gk. Used b2, nute and asaj to wipe gk taunts when up, extortion focus on padme first to block her skills beside basic, asaj aoe to lower defense, cd lightning to stun anakin, gg to stun joleefishdo. B2 to keep the blocks and immunity train rolling. Finished event with gg, nute and cd still alive. Lost b2 first then asaj. Metaloid Monstrosity was the key zeta imo although the other Zetas on nute,cd,asaj definitely didn't hurt.
  • Logus
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    Got Padme with some undergeared Geos. Alpha g10, Z on unique, poggle(abilities 5) and soldier(maxed abilities) g11, gear 9 spy, sunfac gear 89abilities around 4) took a couple tried for RNG to bless spy witha good ht on padme.
  • DrChannard
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    Squeaked by with this (Padme 7*)-

    Lead - Nute G4
    zGG G12+4
    Asajj G11
    Droideka G9
    B2 G8
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  • Stick
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    Seven star with
    g12 double zeta greve
    g8 b2 & magnaguard.
    G10 nute and dooku
    Took a lot of attempts, mostly learning how to get fish guy , anakin and padme to die in one aoe from grevous
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    I used Nute Lead - team below was massive overkill, 1 attempt only! Could have put on Auto...
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    7 star padme with geos. only sun fac died. No arena mods, took 3-5 tries once I added the zeta.

    G9 alpha with unique zeta
    G9 spy
    G9 soldier
    G8 poggle
    G8 sun fac

  • Ferril9909
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    7 star padme without b2, without gg, without gba, without zetas
    nute lead was key, control with dooku and av
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    7 star unlock with zNute lead at G8, zGG (unique) at G11, zB2 at G10, Dooku at G11 and zAV (unique) at G12.
    Team power 92,253, all skills omegaed

    Killed Padme first while stunning Anakin and Fish Boy, then took out Anakin, Fish Boy, GK then Mace. No revives for any of them, lost GG and B2 on the way. The zeta on Nute's lead helped a lot, along with key stuns. Extortion for the win!
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    6* So far, doubt my squad will take 7*.


  • Dexteroulis
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    Padme 5*
    leader nute gg av droideka b2 look at their levels that's bare minimum 😂😂npa2sz6pvepv.png
  • Dexteroulis
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    And someone else in my guild Padme 7* I hope I helped 44jylqee17x0.png
  • Vendi1983
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    It was most entertaining. Threw my 2nd fastest set from CLS onto Asajj to push her to +148. Dooku has his original mods and Droideka is modded for pure offense and almost no speed.

    Also realized it's the wrong bug in the picture. It's a level 1 G1 Sun Fac. I quickly assigned the squad in descending order when I took the screenshot.
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    Wow, so much harder before the rework. Maybe I just got really lucky with rng. Unlocked 5 star with the following:

    Asajj: Gear XI, 7 Star, Zeta on Rampage only. 189 speed, with a CC and CD set.
    Grievous: Gear VIII, 7 Star, only Grievous Wounds Omega'd, 165 Speed w/ Health & CD set
    Nute Gunray: Gear VII, 7 star, Skill levels as follows 7, 6, 4, 4, 3; 251 speed w/ Speed & Potency set
    Droideka: Gear VIII, 5 star, Max skills on all but Deflector Shield, 93 speed w/Offense & CC set
    Dooku: Gear VIII, 5 star, Maxed first two skills others at lvl 7, 270 speed w/ Speed & Potency set

    My one question is why isn't Padme classified as a Tank? lol I hit her twice the number of times I did Kenobi and she shrugged it off.
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