TW matchmaking is broken

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I’d love to figure out how TW is matched up. My guild has participated for ages and we have about 2 wins ever as the opposing guilds have impossible teams on the front row and they steamroll our best troops instantly. We have played TW for 2 years now and literally won 2 matches. How does past win/loss ratio not play a part in match making? This game is becoming a chore with all of the impossible teams we are matched against. Please devs, look at Win/Loss stats for active participants. It’s ridiculous.


  • Without knowing what those "impossible" teams and your guild GP are, at first sight it looks like you and your guild succesfully avoided for two years to invest in competitive toons for TW. Something that your opponents apparently managed to do.
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    I'd like to know how it works.
    This latest TW match is a mess.
    Our opposing Guild had 8 Revan squads on def.
    Our guild has no Revans' at all.
    We only put in 40 mil GP from 39 players.
    I've personally being playing since launch so I have a big inventory and I feel players like me are being punished in these match ups vs new players coming in who can pick and choose which toons' get upgraded.
    My guild is getting fed up with up it,to the point of sign up, but don't bother to participate beyond that,just take the losers reward,just like what is happening in GA.
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    You are matched on the total GP of all the characters & ships which are over 6k GP power of all your members who signed up for the TW. If you go to the Rewards tab in an active TW event you can see your 'Active GP'.
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    Lately (at least the last 3 TWs actually) we've been always matched up with guilds with far more relevant squads/characters than ours. The above is but the last example. How can we expect to compete fairly (nevermind defeating them) when they have 9 more JKR, 12 more DRevan, and 22 Trayas more than us (we have none!). Granted those Trayas are 6* but still give them an edge we can't match. Our only advantage is ONE 6* Malak and ONE 6* Padme.

    GP is supposed not be the only factor in the matchmaking, but it seems to be only one, as this guild's GP is very close to our own.

    I'm having a very hard time keeping my guildies interested in participating on TWs at this point. They do their "duty" by joining and deploying, but they see little point in attacking when they have to deal with a wall of Revans (LS or DS) and we have no hope on defeating all of them.

    I hope someone @CG looks into this and don't let this feedback just go into oblivion.

    We don't want to outmatch our opponents, but since we have no saying (or visibility) on the matchmaking process, we just like to have a good fun match. Winning/loosing will be our responsibility.

  • @CG I may not understand all the nuances that go into determining TW opponents, but I know that I have 48 guys getting tired of getting smashed in TW. on average we are being pitted against teams 10 to 15mill GP better than us, which would be ok, except they are also teams paying for toons and gear. most guys in my guild are ftp, we might spend a few dollars here and there, but mostly grind it out. our last opponent steamrolled us, and had 11 revan and 6 squads with one or more G13 toons. we cant compete with that! perhaps gear and legendary toons, and more importantly teams that spend alot of money should be factored into the algorithim that chooses opponents.
  • The problem is predominantly sandbagging. CG set up the matchmaking to help out guilds that didn’t get all 50 members participating. This is a good thing, but guilds are more and more tired of losing to guilds that intentionally drop players to get easier matchups. It is an unfortunate situation as more and more guilds are doing this to stay competitive.
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