QOL: Viewing who has attacked a team in TW

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As a guild leader I find myself sounding like a broken record every single TW with the issue of member(s) giving enemy squads TM after a failed attack (basically leaving the enemy team with full health and either full protection or just a ding on their protection). Which then requires myself or another officer to burn a really good team to overcome the pre-loaded TM. As much as I preach to run these battles in airplane mode to avoid this scenario it seems to happen every single TW.

The issue is I, nor my officers, can't be watching TW like a hawk to see who is attacking what. And because we can't identify the offending member(s) there's not much I can do other than rant and rave about it. The game tells you who made a successful attack. What I am suggesting is adding a notification of a member who FAILED an attack. The number of attacks on a team is a nice thing to look at (especially when it's your defense) but I would love to be able to see along with the number of battles WHO has been in those battles. It would really allow me and my officers to identify who is struggling and correct that action.
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