GK Zeta

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Anyone have it, and are you happy with it?


  • USAFmedic129
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    I am thrilled with my Zeta. I use GK, Anakin no Zeta, Ahsoka, GMY and Plo Kloon. It’s pretty amazing watching them smash everything but the Revans. Not gonna lie, I was skeptical about it, but then said what the hell, he’ll be needed in LS GeoTB at some point so let’s just try. I whim put a zeta on Bastila and that was a good choice.

    I think in time, GKs zeta will be fully realized with Mace’s alleged rework.
  • APX_919
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    No, not yet but it seems to be really helpful with a Padme lead. JKR teams can benefit too with Jolee, Bastila assists and Yoda's battle meditation.
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  • CCyrilS
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    I got both on padme and wondering if next should be ani or GK
  • If you have Padme, that’s what Anakin’s zeta is for.
  • I'm saving my two zetas for when they reveal Dooku's new kit. I already have GG at g12 and unique zeta, so Dooku's impending rework will decide which one gets the leader zeta, and whether I zeta Dooku's unique.
  • CCyrilS
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    Update, if anyone cares: I have given both ani and gk zeta now. Seems like gk is more useful. Especially since AI is what it is and will often target gk instead of the marked target. I'm occasionally beating maxed revan squads now.
  • Zenbreon
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    It’s GREAT he taunts so much more often and GMY can make him a pre taunt if you use Battle Meditation, on his First Turn.
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